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          Soaps made from human breast milk have been hot-selling products on online marketplaces in China recently.
          The spirit of good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners was put forward by China based on the traditional friendship between the two countries, reflecting the unique and rich content of the Sino-Vietnamese ties, the Chinese ambassador said.
          Fujian province will make greater efforts to protect its natural environment as it presses ahead with economic development, said the provinces legislators.
          The report suggests better management for the existing tombs, and government subsidies for families that choose eco-burial to encourage more eco-friendly burials while at the same time giving people a choice.
          This is because Beijing and New Delhi, along with the dispensations in Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg, have been especially intransigent in their position that the two fundamental principles of the Kyoto Protocol - historical responsibility and equity - continue to be honored.
          We will prepare for the worst-case scenario, Shu said, adding that torrential rains and typhoons are making the coming weeks extremely tough for flood control.
          The Chinese team won the bronze medal in the team event, behind first-place Russia and runner-up Armenia.
          The protective leaf-like canopy incorporates thin-film photovoltaic cells to capture solar energy.
          She now works for a retail store, helping Russian tourists.
          NBA player Robert Horry visits Shanghais City God Temple January 28, 2014.
          They also donated some to charity to help poor children have free lunches.
          Alipay has already been available at some of the shops at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, as well as souvenir and national brands shops in Rovaniemi, northern Finland via ePassi.
          The robot can prepare four to five bowls of noodles per minute.
          Highway safety checks and tightening supervision of stop-overs have also been requested to prevent such accidents from happening again.
          Reading helps pass the time for Lu as she waits at Shanghai Railway Station, Aug, 2014.
          The countrys 2017 growth target of around 6.
          The Mecca pilgrimage, also known as the Hajj, is a Muslim religious tradition that specifies that all able-bodied Muslims who can afford to travel to Saudi Arabia must visit Mecca at least once in their lives.
          The president said teachers should encourage faith and belief, have good ethical standards and a solid base of knowledge, and show affection toward students.
          Archeologists said the plump figure lifting pants might be a musician figurine.
          The State Department later granted her immunity and essentially had her expelled in a series of diplomatic maneuvers.
          Exports to China, South Koreas largest trading partner, increased 8.
          In February 2011, UALE purchased the rights to Cats from the Australian branch of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Really Useful Group and began production on the 15th version of the revered musical.
          Nearly 500,000 people streamed into the West Scenic Area last month for the fourth annual festival.
          Starting March 1, www.
          The FDD technology is more accepted globally.
          Feng Jun: Just chairman please, as Im no longer the chief executive of Aigo.
          8 million) worth of goods left the border port of Gyirong in Tibet after customs clearance on Friday, continuing the journey to their destination in Nepal.
          6-million-square-km of islands, coastal areas and territorial seas in the South China Sea.
          They claim the Gong Fu Tie calligraphy is a counterfeit created some time between 1820 and 1871 using the conventional reproduction method of covering the original calligraphy with a sheet of paper with better transparency, drawing the outline of each character with a thin brush, and then filling it in with ink.
          What he said referred to Tianjin Port, which is 45 kilometers away from the base.
          But despite its ample foreign direct investment, the Chinese financial industry still lags behind Chinese enterprises in terms of overseas expansion, Tian wrote.
          At my meeting with President Xi, we will discuss our current bilateral relations, as well as ways to step up our fruitful collaboration, he said.
          However, the number of Chinese visitors to Camden is climbing.
          Since it hit the market nine years ago, its sales volume has totaled more than 600,000 in over 80 countries and regions.
          The replica trophies, which were to be exported to Libya, were found by customs agents during a routine check.
          Altogether 259 projects in 177 cities of 57 countries and regions competed for the award this year.
          I just wanted to change the work environment.
          He said that in the coming months there will be a climate change conference in Bonn, Germany; President Macrons climate summit in Paris, and the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.
          In addition, the Chinese mainland has become the hardest-hit area globally.
          Hu, Wen and Xi had all made calls to learn about the relief work.
          Though Car-Free Day was actually a work day, even more people leased bicycles than during Mid-Autumn Festival, when approximately 1,200 bicycles were leased.
          More than 60 percent of attendees are under age 35, according to the festivals organizers, Culture Wuzhen Co.
          5 density by 18 percent to 60 micrograms per cubic meter of air this year, at a planned cost of 18 billion yuan (.
          As a result, the warming soup became a regular fixture of state banquets.
          China will play an active role, after setting an example in recent years in global economic leadership, in the G20 Hamburg summit with its increasing efforts in pushing forward new concepts in the international community and facilitating free trade, a leading French expert said.
          The numbers of wild pandas and their habitat have grown fast in the past 10 years, according to the State Forestry Administration.
          5) in 2002 to 288 yuan in 2011, according to the ministry.

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